Friday, March 5, 2010

.::It's Always Been You::.

I still remember the summer when we first met
The times we spent together
I have never been able to forget
Something inside of me told me it was so right
Because even on the cloudiest days, when I was with you, the sun shone so bright

Then, without warning, you just went away
I could never forget how I felt that day
It felt like my world was
crashing down around me
Being without you made it hard to breathe

I moved on and started other relationships
But for some reason it was
always you that I missed
No matter how hard I tried,
you just couldn't be replaced
My love for you would not be erased

After a while, I saw that no one
has ever been able to duplicate
Your laugh, your touch, your smile, your face
The way I felt when I was with you
was simply unmatched
To you is where my heart
has always been attached

Now we've been reunited
and it is once again you and me
The sun is back shining and it seems like it was so meant to be
I can't believe I wasted all that time trying to start something new
Because after all these years,
I've realized that it's always been you

.::abOut mE::.

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.::Let's check this out::.

Hello there! Let me intro myself first. Dalam ic nama aku NUR ASILAH SUHAIMI but everyone out there call me shila. Lately, i found out yang aktiviti berblogging ni sangat sesuai dengan jiwa aku sekarang. Kalau sebelum ni aku lagi prefer berfacebooking but sekarang ni aku takde jiwa la kat FB tu. Drop by pon kejap-kejap je...hehe!

Dalam mencari diri sendiri ni banyak perkara baru yang aku jumpa. Mungkin dengan menulis di sini aku rasa puas dengan diri aku yang selama ni kelam mencari konklusi. Kerana secara lisannya, mungkin aku agak sukar untuk meluahkan kata-kata. Segala rasa yang dialami akan dicoretkan di sini untuk kepuasan diri dan tatapan bersama. Bingkisan mereka juga amatlah dihargai. Konklusinya, dengan rasa rendah diri saya mengalu-alukan ketibaan dan perkongsian rasa anda ke halaman ini.